VIP Perks

If you practice three times a week on average, our VIP Membership is just the ticket! At a reduced monthly rate, you can practice any time (Karma Classes still $5 cash donation) at both studios for less than the cost of a latte! PLUS you get these great perks: 15% off retail items, 10% off workshops, Traveller’s Passes when you visit other Modo studios, and 10% off Reiki or Thai Yoga Massage treatments with Annette Mellor. You need only commit to 4 months minimum. You could cancel at that time, but it makes way more sense to keep that membership rolling! Regular monthly rate: $116. Student/Senior monthly rate: $95. Oh, and one more thing! If you choose the VIP Membership right after enjoying the Intro Month, you get 20% off your first month! (our way of honouring your commitment to your regular practice).  Sign up here!